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We provide business consultency and develpoment services for IoT, mobile, web , blockchain and cloud. Our business model is flexible. We also provide Trial basis services to start engagment.

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Wearable devices are a rapidly developing and modern class of devices intended to bring live access to data, high mobility, and context-awareness to the lives of their buyers. A great variety of these devices, from chest sensors to wristbands, offer the user the ability to extend themselves in many different ways and move freely through the world. The commotion of the wearable devices market in 2014 has led the specialists of marketing to call it “The Year of Wearable Devices.”
IdeaToLife has been researching wearable platforms for quite some time and has manufactured some best practices for developing apps for use with wearable devices. Our experts analyzed the capabilities of Fitbit, conducted overviews of various smart wristbands such as the MiBand, Xiaomi, and JawBone, became familiar with healthcare wearable devices such as the Jawbone Up3 and Samsung Simband, and deeply examined the development of Apple WatchKit and Android Wear in our research labs.

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Understanding about the rise of the wearable market, we are devoted to the app development for wearable devices. Our professionals are always ahead to gestate your ideas with an innovative and appealing design for your wearable apps. Being highly professional in the process of wearable app development, we can confer and brainstorm the app ideas and ensure that your wearable apps would constrain and sells.

Smart Watches

Smart Watches are manufactured typically to create concurrence and sharing between both watch and smartphone that could enable maneuverability and multiple functions. With extensive professionalism on SmartWatch coding standards, SmartWatch SDK, and other latest technologies our experts can develop the best apps in the market.

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Wristbands & Fitness Trackers

Most of the users prefer wearable devices with a larger screen to get a better engaging interface experience. Also, Tablets come outfitted with a scan sensor, camera, and with a pen input which makes it appropriate for augmented reality. We entertain our apps to make use of tablet specifications with the perfect method.

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ON-Body Sensors

Wearable body sensor applications are used for safety monitoring, health & wellness monitoring, assessment of treatment efficacy, home rehabilitation, and early detection disorders. The technology of wearable body sensor relies upon data collection and sensing, data analysis techniques to extract clinical information, and software to relay data to the remote center. Our professionals are expertized in building apps that are appropriate for the sensor system and tracks data with certainty.

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Smart Rings

The apps of Smart Ring helps to control gadgets with checking smartphone notifications, gestures, composing a tweet, controlling music, check weather etc. Our experts are passionate and proficient in manufacturing creative Smart Ring apps for both Android and IOS platforms. With OS industry giants like Android, Apple, and Windows setting trends in best wearable technology, that are assisting ease our daily activities, delivering the best wearable technology that combines versatility and creativity has become necessary to a brand’s success. No matter which device you opt for, be it a SmartWatch, fitness wearable technology or Smart rings, at IdeaToLife our app development team of wearable devices will offer you with future-centric and business-aligned solutions that will push your company off the ground.

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We offer develpoment services for IoT, mobile apps (consume base and enterpries solutions) , web develpoment, blockchain and cloud solutions.

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Mobile App Development

We develop apps for ios, android, Black Berry, Windows Phone and cross platform Apps.

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Busisness consultency

Our expert advisors provide consultancy regarding IT solutions, risk management, business strategy etc to IT companies.

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Hire Developer

Get an expert on your team, full time or on project basis. Supervise your own project pace, and leave the tech voodoo to your skilled developer.


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